England's players blaming everyone but themselves simply won't wash

England players are in grave danger of misjudging the mood of the nation.

The rumblings of disquiet have been they don't like Fabio Capello's boot camp, at 64 he's too much of an old school manager, they don't like training and they're fed-up of being away from home for long without the WAGs.

But they're kidding themselves if they think that will wash with England fans and they may even get a backlash around the grounds in the Premier League next season.

This England squad had the best chance of winning a World Cup for many years and good luck to anyone who is brave enough to stick their head above the parapet and blame the manager in the next few weeks.

Capello deserves some blame. When things go wrong the manager always deserve some questioning and criticism of their methods.

But the players deserve far more for their performance against Algeria. Why didn't they show enough commitment, desire or heart? What's gone wrong with Wayne Rooney? If, as everyone says, he's fit, then what is the problem?

The players don't seem to get that the fans are angry that the team seem intent on blaming everyone but themselves. That won't wash.

The FA tried relaxed with Sven Goran Eriksson, matey with Steve McClaren and now Mussolini with Capello.

None of it has worked. We're either not good enough (very possible) or the players are unmanageable (more likely).

And if the egos are getting in the way, then no-one will have any sympathy with the excuses if indeed we have started the end game and last knockings of Capello's reign.

I still fancy England to beat Slovenia and qualify. But in all likelihood they won't go as far as I thought they would and reach the semi-finals. If they blow it while behaving like prima donnas, then that is unforgivable.

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