Robert Green jokes: The web's best blunder one-liners

The web has reacted to Robert Green's catastrophic error with typical sympathy. Here are the best of the jokes so far. Add yours below, send to or Tweet to @mirrorfootball

* If only John Terry had lived next door to Robert Green's missus...

* Why is Robert Green like ITV HD? They both switch off at the crucial moment.

* What does Robert Green do after winning the World Cup? Drops his controller.

* At least that's one British spillage the Americans won't be moaning about...

* What's the difference between Robert Green and Justin Bieber? Robert Green knows how to drop his balls.

* Kermit was right: It's not easy being Green.

* All these Rob Green jokes are getting out of hand. In fact they're crossing the line...

* The England lads had a get-together after the game and bought Robert Green a drink to commiserate. He spilled it.

* Steven Gerrard said: "The whole team is behind Rob Green." With hindsight, that's a good place to stand.

* Robert Green's bringing out his own South African trumpet. It's known as a boo-boozela

* Robert Green - a joke even Americans can understand.

* Yesterday at London Zoo one of the staff let a a Central American monkey slip out of his grasp. So Robert Green's not the only English keeper to drop a Howler.

* My computer's got the Robert Green virus. It can't save anything.

* Just bought a Robert Green condom. Extra slippery and you're guaranteed not to catch anything.

* Rob Green has injured himself.  Apparently, he put his head in his hands and immediately kneed himself in the face.

* What's the difference between a botanist with the flu and the England goalkeeper? One has Green fingers and can catch a cold...

* Before he got into football, Robert Green was a bus driver. But he got fired because he couldn't make any stops.

* I'm Robert Green and cleaning Windows is my next idea...

And the best England v USA joke which doesn't feature Robert Green is.. .

* It was a clever move to bring Shaun Wright-Phillips on. For 15 minutes the Americans were stunned, thinking Gary Coleman had come back to life.

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