3PM Extra Liverpool special: Hicks' and Gillett's 'best bits'

It looks like the hated American duo Tom Hicks and George Gillett are finally giving up their bitter battle to block the sale of Liverpool.

Kop fans will of course be over the moon to see the back of them, but before you forget them forever, in true reality TV style, we thought we'd scour the archives (by which we mean YouTube) to find their 'best bits'.

1) Let's start with this little chat with Tom which was recorded just after he and George bought the club in 2007. It includes these fantastic lines: "It's not easy to own a sports team... you pay a high price," plus "I know what stability means" and the best of all: "we're the perfect new custodians for this franchise." Seems like Tom's definition of 'perfect' may be slightly at odds with ours.

2) This Dallas-inspired clip is like a pr video for Tom Hicks. "His regeneration plans have transformed run-down parts of the city into vibrant and prosperous areas," gushes the Sky Sports reporter Fraser Dainton. Sounds like he's running for mayor...

3) And here's another beauty where he claims he will be able to use money from Liverpool to fund his baseball and ice hockey franchises. That worked out well, eh Tom?

4) Now don't worry George, we haven't forgotten you. Here is the comedy duo talking on the eve of Liverpool's Champions League final win in 2005. Of particular interest may be the moment at the 4.08min mark when he produces wodges of cash from his wallet and hilariously stuffs it into his top pocket exclaiming: "We're gonna have to do somma that!" Followed by his comments about the future of the club. "It is not just about money," he explains, adding: "It is about a plan, it is a responsible plan and it's a long term plan."

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