Cascarino's on-air punch-up, Brazil's off-air p*ss-ups and Rodney Marsh's depression: 10 true Talksport tales

A decade of maverick radio is celebrated in new book Ten Years Of Talksport by Gershon Portnoi, released by the station this week.

Here are 10 amazing - and true - stories from its pages...

1) Co-presenters Tony Cascarino and Patrick Kinghorn - billed as 'The King and Cas' - fell out spectacularly on-air when Kinghorn accused the married ex-Ireland striker of "chasing that 21-year-old around the office". The pair had a heated discussion during the next commercials and an apparently contrite Kinghorn returned after the break to say: "I just want to apologise for saying that Cas has been chasing a 21-year-old around the office. She wasn't 21, she was 19!"

Cascarino leaped across the desk, punched his co-host in the face and, as production staff quickly cued up another set of ads, the pair continued to brawl on an office sofa until Cascarino was pulled off Kinghorn by his former international team-mate Ray Houghton. The duo then resumed their show, sporting cuts and bruises.

2) Drivetime star Rodney Marsh was given to mood swings. So much so that production staff decided he had three personalities - apathetic Bubba, depressive Rodney and enthusiastic Earl. One Monday, asked on-air by co-host Paul Breen-Turner how he had spent the weekend, the 'Rodney' character emerged and Marsh replied: "Well, I was down on the coast this weekend and I thought about suicide again. Ultimately I would have to say I am very depressed right now Paul and if there are any psychiatrists listening could they call and give me some advice?"

On another occasion, asked about last night's football by Adrian Durham, he said: "I didn't see the game as I was out on the lash and, do you know what Ade, I am actually feeling quite depressed."

3) Unsurprisingly, Alan Brazil's refuelling habits and their consequences occupy many pages of the book. There's the occasion Brazil arrived in Singapore for the 2012 Olympics announcement and, deciding to go native, instructed a waiter to "bring me two Singapore Slings every 30 minutes, please". Or the time when late riser Brazil, not wanting to be late for his show from The Open golf at Sandwich, drove his BMW over the course and parked it at the back of the 18th hole in order to make his 6am start.

Most notoriously, there was the infamous post-Cheltenham oversleeping which led to Brazil's brief dismissal in 2004. The presenter awoke at 4.30am some 120 miles away from the studio in which he was due at six and had to scale an 8ft wall, then commandeer a milk float just to get back to his car before eventually giving up the ghost.

4) Former QPR and Oldham striker Simon Stainrod had a memorably brief stint as a presenter during the channel's early days. Perhaps not fully grasping the notion of a phone-in, he began the show not by encouraging callers to ring in or giving his own views on the day's events but with 10 minutes of switching from one caller to another without any further comment.

Invited out of the studio for "a chat" during a commercial break, Stainrod was quietly replaced by Adrian Durham after 20 minutes and never worked for Talksport again. When a caller finally asked on air where Stainrod had gone, Durham explained that he had "just had to pop out for a bit".

5) A short-lived Scottish football phone-in, helmed by former Manchester United full-back, featured a caller who demanded to know why Hearts goalkeeper Antti Niemi was not getting a look-in from national manager Craig Brown...

Caller: I don't know why he's not getting a game...

Albiston: For Scotland?

Caller: Aye.

Albiston: He's from Finland.

Caller: He's what?

Albiston: He's Finnish, isn't he?

Caller: He's no' finished, he's only 28!

6) Alan Brazil Gold 1: On the morning after a well-loved television actor passed away, Brazil decided to pay tribute in the following manner...

Brazil: I was sad to hear yesterday about the death of Inspector Morse, TV's John Shaw.

Mike Parry: John Thaw, Alan.

Brazil: D'you know, I've been doing that all morning. John, if you're listening, sorry mate.

7) Sports newsreader Mike Bovill looked up during one bulletin to see the entire production team in the gallery laughing hysterically. He looked around to see programme host Alan McInally, the former Scotland and Aston Villa defender, standing naked behind him, waving his penis towards Bovill's ear.

8) Alan Brazil Gold 2: During a chat with TV critic Garry Bushell about a BAFTA tribute show for the late Bob Monkhouse, Brazil asked: "Garry, what about Bob's health now?" There was a pause before a bemused Bushell replied: "Alan, he died... at Christmas." Said an undaunted Brazil: "Oh, I heard two different versions of it."

9) Veteran TV and radio man Gary Newbon was unimpressed when asked to perform a version of hip-hop classic Rapper's Delight as a trail for his programme. With the tapes going, he managed the following:

"I said a hip, hop, a hippy to the hippy to the hip hip hop you don't stop? It didn't say this in my bloody contract when I joined Talksport mate. You take it to the bang bang boogle. Is that it? What's all that about? Yeah, I don't want to do that. I'll do a lot of things but I ain't doing that."

Talksport boss Kelvin McKenzie ordered the trail to go out unedited and Newbon resigned.

10) Alan Brazil Gold 3: A discussion of whether George Best deserved a liver transplant ahead of other deserving cases was interrupted by Brazil giving a word from the breakfast show's sponsor: "And don't forget, the best caller wins a crate of John Smith's."

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