Skills, goals, fights, fails and face masks! The best Neymar videos on the web

One of the best things about the imminent arrival of Andre Villas-Boas at Chelsea is that it's also increased the chances of Neymar coming to England by about a thousand per cent .

And the reason we're so excited about the prospect of seeing the Brazilian striker in the Premier League? Well, aside from being one of the world's greatest raw talents, he's also prone to mind-manglingly mental behaviour.

Every day during the football season we collate three of the web's funniest football videos in a feature called 3pm Extra and we reckon the Santos forward has featured more than any other player.

Here's a taster of what to expect should Neymar rock up at the Bridge:

1) Neymar is still in the phase of his career where he's all stepovers and tricks - just like Cristiano Ronaldo a few years back. It seems that Brazilian defenders have come up with a novel way of stopping him though. Let's just hope Neymar's mum reminded him to wear clean undies...

2) Note to Andre Villas-Boas: if Neymar wants to be the Chelsea penalty taker then it's probably a good idea to indulge him. Otherwise this might happen...

3) No, this isn't secret footage from Abu Ghraib, but rather what happens when it's your birthday at Brazilian club Santos. Ze Eduardo is the lucky man getting beaten, kicked, egged and floured - but as you'll see from the second clip, one player wasn't happy at all with the treatment being dished out. Step forward Neymar. So incensed was the then 18 year-old at the carry-on that he started his own dust-up with ringleader Marcel. Footballers, eh?

4) In what must be a contender for the silliest sending-off ever, here's Neymar receiving his marching orders for celebrating a goal by pulling on a mask... of HIS OWN FACE!

5) And then, that same week, he served up a timely reminder of the magic that resides in his boots (as opposed to the rocks in his head): an insane demonstration of showboating from Santos’ 1-0 defeat to Palmeiras.

6) Here's proof that Neymar is human after all. A miss so bad, it prompted us to quip: No wonder Chelsea fancy signing Neymar. He reminds them so much of Fernando Torres…

Ok, so even we're not churlish enough to end on such a sour note. Neymar is clearly a genius - as this comp of his best skills and goals proves beyond doubt:

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