3PM Extra: Barcelona's secret crotch power exposed, Ipswich's brilliant farm viral and DIY dentistry

Presenting quality football videos from the interweb, daily at 3pm. Here's today's collection:

1) We at 3pm Extra would never suggest that Ipswich Town are a country bumpkin club supported by farmers and simple country folk... as that's clearly the club's kit supplier's job. We can't quite decide whether this rural clip promoting next season's kit is genius or guff, but it is quite funny. And watch out for a blink-or-you'll-miss-him cameo from legend John Wark.

2) Has an enterprising Danish TV show stumbled across the real secret of Barcelona's success? Watch this clip and decide for yourselves. Although don't try it at home - you'll go blind.

3) Plucky Cypriots APOEL were mullered by Madrid in the Champions League last night, but it turns out one player lost more than just the game. The unfortunate Paulo Jorge managed to knock two of his own teeth out by colliding with team-mate William. A third was left hanging by a thread - which is when Jorge decided to take matters into his own hand. Literally...

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