3PM Extra: Beckham's table football trick-shot, linesman felled by damp cardboard and ball + face = funny

Presenting quality football videos from the interweb, daily at 3pm. Here's today's collection:

1) David Beckham: European cup winner, former England captain, free-kick specialist, pant vendor. And now we can add to the list, table football trick-shot expert. Or - and this is slightly less catchy we know - beneficiary of clever computer trickery to make him look like a table football trick-shot expert. Just think of him as the John Virgo of "foosball", as the Yanks would call it. (Spotted on www.whoateallthepies.tv).

2) When you first this clip, you will probably start scanning the crowd for the gunman. Luckily for this linesman, he is actually felled by nothing more frightening than a wet piece of cardboard. The look on the face of the player who finds it sums it up entirely. (Spotted on www.offthepost.info)

3) If that chap was a bit of a wimp, this one has every right to stagger backwards after taking one right in the fizzog. POW! (Spotted on the Dirty Tackle blog)

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