Welcome to Liverpool, LeBron! Our handy guide for King James

LeBron James has fulfilled the dream of every young basketball-mad kid from Akron, Ohio, by buying a stake in Liverpool FC . The Miami Heat superstar says he wants to visit soon, so here's a handy guide to the club and the city for King James...

1) Beware. If Andy Carroll offers to “show you my magic johnson”, it won't be anything to do with collectable basketball cards..

2) You're known for soaring above the basket and stuffing the ball through the net. But when you're at Anfield, especially for a derby, it's best not to mentioning your love of a Big Dunk.

3) As someone familiar with nail-biting court triumphs, you'll bond easily with Steven Gerrard.

4) Remember the basketball movie White Men Can't Jump? You'll be reminded of that title when you see Sotiris Kyrgiakos trying to defend a high ball.

5) A big bloke who usually dresses head-to-toe in sportswear is going to have few problems blending in on the streets of Liverpool.

6) You're an accurate shooter from distance. Please pass on to Kenny Dalglish any tips you can about picking up an easy three points.

7) If you're looking for someone to play basketball with, Luis Suarez is known for his effective ball handling.

8) As someone who walked out on the Cleveland Cavaliers when they couldn't win him a title and got millions of dollars to join the Miami Heat, it's important to realise how much Liverpool fans hate that money-grabbing traitor Fernando Torres.

9) Don't be surprised if at one point you're actually asked to play for Liverpool. Yes, you might be 6-foot-8 and have no idea how to tackle, but that didn't stop them signing Peter Crouch.

10) Remember there are significant differences between the game of basketball and soccer. In basketball, David Beckham is a spectator on the sidelines. In soccer, David Beckham is a spectator on the pitch.

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