Top 10 things you need to know about Linda Pizzuti (aka Mrs John W Henry) - plus pictures galore!

So last night saw the arrival of the latest darling of Liverpool FC - and this one looks a hell of a lot better than Rush and Dalglish.

Linda Pizzuti - or Mrs John W Henry, as she's also known - made an immediate impact on her first trip to Anfield last night, with many claiming that she directly inspired Stevie G's hat-trick heroics.

But what do we know about the new first lady of Liverpool, aside from the fact that she sticks out like a sore thumb? Here's Chris Bloor with the answers.

1) Daughter of an Italian immigrant, Pizzuti is 31-years-old and a relative whippet compared to her 60-year-old husband, meaning a difference of - calculator at the ready - 29 years. Who's your daddy Linda?

2) Linda studied at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she gained a masters in real estate development. Currently ranked seventh in the country, the university is not for mugs, so she's clearly a clever cookie. Smart enough to bag herself one of the world's wealthiest men, anyway.

3) She is a fan of travelling and has eaten dinner at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and dived for shipwrecks in the Philippines. What we can't work out is how this jet-set lifestyle, and relentless pursuit of culture, has never before brought her to Anfield. It's a mystery.

4) Along with all three of her sisters, Linda started out working for her father, Don, who set-up a real estate portfolio while working as an engineer. Her passion is sustainability, and she recently oversaw a project of green (we assume this refers to being environmentally friendly, as opposed to the colour) townhouses in her hometown of Lynnfield, Massachusetts. It's tempting to make a joke here about sustainability and Liverpool, but in these times of economic hardship it just seems a tad below the belt.

5) The relationship with her new hubbie didn't exactly get off to the best of starts, what with her realising he was old enough to be her father.  "On paper, it didn't look great," she recalls. "He was twice my age, and divorced. I love Boston — but it's a small town." Wonder what eventually swung it for Linda?

6) Early on in the courtship, John W Henry took her to a club, but the music was so deafening that the elder statesman was forced to wear ear plugs. Not to be put off, the two continued to converse throughout the night via the intrinsically passionate medium of BBM. Who said romance was dead?

7) The chivalry didn't end there though. Henry chose to propose to Linda in the Four Seasons but, interestingly, felt the elevator was the most appropriate spot to pop the question. Was it because she was trapped? Or was it too small for him to get down on one knee, and therefore avoid the embarrassment of not being able to get back up? Who knows, but the wily, old geezer got his way.

8) Henry finally got his gal in the summer of 2009. Not wanting to go overboard the marriage was held on his yacht, the Iroquois, which sits in the water at a mere 164-foot. The happy couple then moved on to hold the reception at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, with close friends and relatives and a performance by Maroon 5. Classy.

9) Attendees at the wedding received not only a picture of the pair, but also a 'bobblehead model' of them both. Fortunately, even our friends on the other side of the pond found it just as ludicrous, as this Fox News footage shows.

10) Linda sure does know how to ingratiate herself though. Before the Napoli game, in an appeal to fans via twitter, she tweeted "Studying up in the Anfield songbook to prepare for my first LFC match tomorrow night-can't wait! Aside from YNWA, what songs should I learn?", and followed up with "Wow! Anfield really is a special place! Fantastic match (certainly heard the Gerrard song!) with first class and very fun supporters." Perhaps she could stay an extra couple of days to give old Woy a few tips on how to woo the masses.

Don't forget to check out the gallery above...

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