It's time to play the music... 'Muppet' Jens Lehmann's Top 10 maddest moments - video special

As mad as a goose on stilts, Jens Lehmann is the gift that just keeps on giving.

The former Arsenal keeper has launched an astonishing attack on free-scoring Premier League leaders Manchester City, branding them "very, very boring" .

Boring is, of course, not a word you could apply to Lehmann.

After all, this is the man of whom Germany keeper Tim Wiese once said: "He belongs in the Muppet Show, on the couch or in a mental institution". What could go wrong?!

Here's his top 10 most bonkers moments:

1) Lehmann v Jorg Berger (October 1993)
In his third season with Schalke, Lehmann conceded three goals in seven minutes which went some way to turning the crowd, not to mention coach Jorg Berger, against him. Berger pulled Lehmann off at half-time, so to speak, and Schalke went on to lose 5-1. But Lehmann didn't hang around for the postmortem - or indeed the second half - electing instead to get his coat and the tram home at half-time. He was subsequently dropped for 10 matches.

2) Lehmann v Timo Lange (April 1999)
Lehmann got the first red card of his Bundesliga career in the last minute of Dortmund’s league encounter with Hansa Rostock after pulling Timo Lange by the hair. It capped an error-ridden afternoon for Lehmann as Dortmund lost 2-0 - although Lange was also booked for provocation.

3) Lehmann v German FA (February 2003)
In February 2003, Mad Jens earned the distinction of becoming the first Bundesliga goalkeeper to be sent off four times. On this occasion he was shown a red card for shoving his Borussia Dortmund team-mate, Marcio Amoroso. "It doesn't matter if it's a rival player or a team-mate," said referee Herbert Fandel at the time. To make matters worse the game was against his former club Schalke.

4) Lehmann v officials (April 2005)
Lehmann not once but twice threw water over the referee and his assistant following the second leg of Arsenal's Champions League match with Bayern Munich at Highbury. Although Arsenal won the match 1-0, the 3-2 aggregate loss dampened Arsenal's - and Lehmann's celebrations. "Lehmann was found guilty of a 'deliberate pestering act' that displayed a 'striking lack of respect towards the referee'," read the statement from decidedly ruffled UEFA suits.

5) Lehmann v Eto'o (May 2006)
In the 18th minute of the most important match in Arsenal's history, Lehmann became the first player to be sent off in a European Cup final after tripping Samuel Eto'o as the Barcelona striker hared in on goal. The German's dismissal reduced the Gunners to 10 men for 72 minutes and an inexperienced Manuel Almunia came on to concede two late goals. To make matters worse, an indignant Robert Pires left the club after being made the sacrificial lamb - he was substituted for Almunia - in the biggest game of his career.

6) Lehmann v Drogba (December 2006)
All that was missing were the water wings as Lehmann and Didier Drogba gave a passable impression of infants in the shallow end during a league match at Stamford Bridge. When Lehmann ran up behind the Chelsea striker and pushed him, Drogba followed his penalty-area instincts by arching his back and flipping to the floor like a sea lion. Not to be outdone, the German replied with a similar bellyflop when the Ivorian chased him into his six-yard box and shoved him in the chest.

7) Lehmann v Manuel Almunia (November 2007)
Loveable Lehmann was not best pleased when he was dropped from the Gunners side in favour of Almunia at the start of the 2007-08 season after clangers against Fulham and Blackburn. But rather than keep his own counsel, Lehmann publicly opined that the Spaniard was “not in my class”, adding: “To be sitting on the bench behind somebody who only started to play when he was 30 is not funny. When I see his performances on the field, I get angry and I have to clench my fist in my pocket." Almunia revealed the following April: “To have someone here who hates me is just amazing. I know he hates me. Every morning I wake up I know it is going to be the same. I've had to put up with it every day since he was out of the team and even before then.”

8) Lehmann v Sejad Salihovic (February 2009)
Hoffenheim striker Sejad Salihovic made the mistake of losing a boot during a Bundesliga match against Stuttgart last year. It was a chance Lehmann was not going to pass up in a hurry. As Salihovic tried gamely to play on minus an item of footwear, Lehmann sneaked upfield, grabbed the boot and threw it on to the roof of his own net.

9) Lehmann v the town of Berg
Lehmann raised the hackles of his townsfolk by, erm, getting his chopper out. After moving to the otherwise tranquil and picturesque Bavarian town of Berg on the banks of Lake Starnberg, Lehmann decided to make the 250km trip to Stuttgart's training ground every day by helicopter. The journey, estimated to have cost the goalkeeper €1,000 a day, infuriated locals, whose country retreat had suddenly fallen foul of a noisy flightpath. “Numerous people have already complained,” said irate Mayor Rupert Monn, who also took umbrage to Lehmann using the local football pitch as a helipad. “I hope that Mr Lehmann will cease to land in the town in future, otherwise I will speak to him personally,” he fumed.

10) Lehmann v an advertising hording
Lehmann was dropped by Stuttgart in September 2009 after he was spotted attending the Oktoberfest beer festival without permission just hours after his team's defeat by Cologne in the Bundesliga. Perhaps he had been back on the lager again before the side's Champions League tie with Unirea Urziceni as he was caught short midway through the match. He even had to hastily zip up and dash back into goal when the Romanian team went on the attack. Oh Jens! Put it away!

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