Rio's on TV again, Barcelona owe everything to a napkin, and Zidane's still got it

Bringing you the best football videos on the web, every day at 3pm. Here's another pack of three.

1) Has anyone ever thought that the reason that Rio Ferdinand is on TV far more than the average footballer, might be that he's paving a way into the industry for when he's had to hang up the boots? Whatever he does end up doing, we're willing to bet it has absolutely nothing to do with the SoccerXizr Pro. Let's hope not anyway.

2) In Lionel Messi Barcelona have one of the most talented footballers ever seen, and so you would imagine that they would have him nailed down with an iron tight contract. We're sure they do now, but that's not how it all started. Supposedly, the Argentine's father was having a meeting with the club's sporting director, and threatened to take his boy from them if a contract wasn't sorted out on the spot. Now you see where the napkin comes into play, and today we bring you that very napkin. Maybe.

3) To round off this afternoon's entertainment we bring you Zinedine Zidane. Playing in a charity match, he shows off the kind skills that most players can only dream of, and to be honest with you, most of them couldn't even dream these kind of moves. So without further adieu, we give you Zizou.

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