When golf and football collide: Bellamy, Gazza, Johnny Lager and more

Exclusive: Monty can win back Ryder Cup says Fergie  

1) A Liverpool bonding trip to Portugal in February 2007 went badly wrong when Craig Bellamy allegedly attacked team-mate John Arne Riise with a golf club. The pair had fallen out when the Norwegian ignored firebrand Bellamy's requests to join in a karaoke competition at Monty's Restaurant and Bar in the Algarve resort of Vale do Lobo. A witness claimed: "It was really late, about 2am, and the players eventually started drifting off to bed. But Craig, who was sharing with Steve Finnan, was so wound up he couldn't sleep.

"He suddenly grabbed a golf club and went looking for John. And when he found him he waded in, hacking at his legs with the club.

"All hell was let loose and John suffered a lot of bruising. Craig was out of control and shouting that John had belittled him in front of the lads." The pair were pulled apart by Benitez.

An obviously repentant Bellamy promptly scored in the Champions League against Barcelona and celebrated by doing this...

2) Europe's Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie is conflicted when it comes to football. Mrs Doubtfire grew up a Rangers fan but switched to Leeds United as a youth when his dad moved to Yorkshire to run a biscuit firm. The 47-year-old is now a regular at Stamford Bridge.

3) European Ryder Cup star and Arsenal fan Ian Poulter had to apologise last season after Tweeting that he was "not talking about football after being beat by the yids." Poulter - who narrowly avoided a European Tour fine in 2006 after wearing the special anniversary burgundy Gunners shirt during the Abu Dhabi Championship - removed the message and later wrote on Twitter: "Didn't mean to offend anybody with my football tweet last night. Very sorry if I did. I am not racial in any way."

4) Portsmouth striker John Durnin - nicknamed 'Johnny Lager' for reasons which should be evident - missed the first month of the 1999/2000 campaign after driving a golf buggy into a fairway hollow. Team-mate Alan McLoughlin was also aboard and Durnin, who dislocated his elbow, said: "People think we must have been larking about but me and Macca like our golf and we weren't being silly or anything like that."

5) Sir Alex Ferguson is regularly spotted at pro-am golf days but admits he is a hacker who plays off a handicap of 24. At the Farmfoods British Par-3 Golf Championship last year, he teed off on his first hole and promptly drove the ball hard into a group of spectators, some 40 yards away from his target. “I told them they weren’t safe,” he said.

6) Fergie was famously on the golf course at Mottram Hall on May 2nd 1993 when a fellow player with a radio approached him and told him Aston Villa had lost to Oldham, handing Manchester United their first title since 1967. Less happily, Theo Walcott was enjoying a round at the Brocket Hall course some 17 years later when Fabio Capello rang to tell him he wasn't going to the World Cup in South Africa.

7) During England's preparations for the 1990 World Cup in Italy, Paul Gascoigne set out to play golf with team-mates. As he began his round in sweltering heat just a few days before the opening game, manager Bobby Robson looked out of the window and saw a golf buggy roar past, being driven like a fairground dodgem. Its pilot, Gazza, had opted to play the course naked save for a pair of England shorts. The great man dashed outside, commandeered a buggy and gave his errant midfielder a dressing-down with orders to dress up and avoid sunstroke - as well as the disapproving glances of club members.

Fast forward eight years and the sight of Gascoigne apparently drunk on a golf course at England's pre-France '98 training camp persuaded Glenn Hoddle to drop him from the tournament.

8) West Ham chairman David Gold has a self-designed 19-hole golf course in the grounds of his 55-acre Surrey home but confesses to using it less than 10 times a year. He explains the extra hole - and his habit of sometimes landing his light aircraft on their fairways - as "owner's prerogative".

9) Ex-Dundee and Aberdeen manager Jocky Scott was hospitalised in June after being run over by a golf cart. The 62-year-old was taking party in a charity shoot-out in Murcia, alongside Scotland boss Craig Levein and former national manager Craig Brown, when a driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake and sent Scott flying.

10) When Ajax arrived in Birmingham for a Uefa Cup date with Aston Villa in November 2008, manager Marco van Basten took his players to the swanky Edgbaston golf club for some stretching and lunch. Everything was going serenely until club pro Jamie Cundy drove past in his buggy, ready to give a lesson to the pupil in tow. At which point the non-member leaned out and shouted: "Ajax you are s***! Up the Villa!" Admitted Cundy: "They were rather shocked."

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