Beer we go! It's the transfer deadline day drinking game

The close of the transfer window is once more upon us and that means a day of fevered speculation before a big night in with MirrorFootball and Sky Sports' Jim White.

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To help you get through the day (and night), you'll need booze. Lots of booze. Follow our handy Transfer Deadline Day Drinking Game below and you'll end up greeting your £35million capture of Emile Heskey will the same elation as getting Lionel Messi on a free...

The Basics:

Loan move: Wet your lips

New rumour: 1 sip (add one sip if it involves your club)

Medical: 2 sips (add one sip if it involves your club)

Done deal: 3 sips (add one sip if it involves your club)

Advanced rules for experts:

Feature about 'transfer merry-go-round', complete with crude cartoon of merry-go-round, appears in tabloid newspaper: 1 sip

'Return Of The Mack' plays as Jim White takes his seat at the Sky Sports bridge: 1 sip

Pissed-up kids mooning behind reporter standing outside St James': 2 sips

Carlos Tevez spotted in Milan: 1 sip

Jim White: "Christopher wants a transfer but will Spurs or QPR be doing the Samba on deadline day?": 1 sip

HELICOPTER SIGHTING!: Finish your drink

Hilarious "Messi spotted at Scunthorpe" gag is retweeted 100 times: 0 sips

Grainy video images of new midfielder, shot through training ground office window: 2 sips

Jim White winks at camera, smugly: 1 sip

MirrorFootball reporter employs phrase "transfer tug-of-war" in breaking news piece: 1 sip

As above, but with phrase "Come-and-get-me plea": 2 sips

Glacial glare of death from Jim White as a reporter ventures that "tonight may turn out to be a damp squib": 1 sip

Over-the-hill pundit in Sky Sports studios uses the phrase "damp squid": 2 sips

Misreading of one of Joey Barton's Tweets sparks rumours that QPR are about to sign Stuttgart schemer Georg Hegel: 1 sip


Sky Sports tickertape goes yellow: 1 sip

Pissed-off reporter outside ground in rain says "As I've said before, we're not expecting any movement here, Jim": 1 sip

Jim tells reporter he'll check back with him at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, and 11pm just to make sure: 3 sips

Carlos Tevez spotted in Paris: 1 sip

On Talksport, Adrian Durham says the "transfer window is not all that": 1 sip

Reporter outside ground's attempt to break major transfer news is drowned out by crowd chanting name of player they're signing: 1 sip

Arsene Wenger says Arsenal will do no business but fans can be happy as "Jack Wilshere will be like a new £30m signing when he comes back": 1 sip

Flustered Jim reading out biography of hitherto unknown signing, obviously straight from Wikipedia: 1 sip

in-depth interview with manager conducted through car window: 1 sip

One of Andy Burton's mobiles goes off while he's on the air: 1 sip

One of Andy Burton's mobiles goes off while he's on the air, and it's Richard Bacon: 3 sips

Big Sky pad breaks down, shows off user's porn collection instead: 3 sips

South American player pictured arriving in Sunderland, at 10.48pm, in a T-shirt and shades: 2 sips

Jim White: "There's Strictly no bidders for Samba so far": 1 sip

As Jim rambles on about sod-all, look on Natalie Sawyer's face suggests that even a night at home with Sam Matterface is better than this: 1 sip

Carlos Tevez spotted in Brazil: 1 sip

Big Ben chimes portentously as absolutely nothing happens: 1 sip

Jim White SHOUTING FOR NO REASON like Brick in Anchorman: 2 sips

Awkward reference to Harry Redknapp being "otherwise engaged": 1 sip

FAILED MEDICAL!: Finish your drink

Kid outside ground is already wearing replica shirt of new striker: 1 sip

Kid outside ground is already burning replica shirt of old striker who's just left: 3 sips

Carlos Tevez spotted at Anfield: 1 sip


Jim White's MAJOR. MIDLANDS. TRANSFER. NEWS turns out to involve Liam Ridgewell: 1 sip

New signing says: "Two or three clubs were in for me but once I heard (insert name) were interested there was no other choice": 1 sip

Veteran defender explains drop to mid-level Championship plodders with the words: "They're a Premier League side in all but name": 1 sip

Oh no! Spurs' fax has run out of paper and they bought some more but the dog ate it!: 3 sips

Carlos Tevez spotted weeping in bushes outside Roberto Mancini's house, holding olive branch: 1 sip

"Don't fret," says Jim as he prepares to take his leave of us mortals. "There's only 121 days to the next transfer window". Winks: Finish your drinks and stumble off to bed

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