Stelling vs Champagne Charlie, Big Sam's charades and stadium roof collapses

Bringing you the best football videos on the web, every day at 3pm. Here's another pack of three.

1) With all those facts and stats at his fingertips Soccer Saturday host Jeff Stelling is a bit of a know-it-all isn't he? Well, tune in to the clip below to see Charlie Nicholas hit him right between the eyes with a top comeback worthy of Oscar Wilde himself. Take that Stelling. Zing! (Spotted on the excellent Who Ate All the Pies blog)

2) That other football figure famed for his Wildean wit and subtle command of the English language is Sam Allardyce. Judging by this next clip Big Sam clearly decided to get some practice in early for the annual, and no doubt fiercely contested, charades competition that takes place after the Queen's speech every Christmas in the Allardyce household. Four words? No eight words? Or is it 10 syllables? Well is it a book or a play or what? Oh never mind, do a 'sounds like' instead Sam.

3) Here are Manchester City fans celebrating a goal at West Ham by 'doing the Poznan', which involves turning their backs to the pitch and jumping up and down, a move they've copied from Europa League opponents Lech Poznan. Curiously enough, the home fans also spent mush of the game with their backs turned to the action, but were neither singing nor dancing at the time.

Bonus clip!

This is crazy footage from the USA where heavy snowfall caused the roof of the Minnesota Vikings' stadium to collapse.

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