Benni McCarthy, Roy Keane, George Best and the Top 10 footballing insults

Former West Ham striker Benni McCarthy is clearly not a fan of the phrase "let bygones be bygones."

The lardy former West Ham striker was asked by the South Africa Times: “Karren Brady described you as a ‘big fat mistake’. How do you feel about that?”

Benni’s reply? “That is one part I don't want to go to because it makes me want to throw up. There's the devil with a set of tits.”

It's probably a good bet Benni won't be turning up on any celebrity version of The Apprentice after that, but it's certainly not the first time angry words have been exchanged between folk in football circle.

Here's a few more footballing barbs you may remember...

10) The Hoddle Sundae
Tony Cascarino obviously didn't have as high opinion of Glenn Hoddle as the Spurs legend did of himself. "If he had been an ice cream, he would have licked himself," said Tony.

9) Jones on Palmer
Dave Jones managed to compliment and insult Carlton Palmer in the same sentence. The former Southampton boss said: “Carlton covers every blade of grass on the pitch – but then you have to if your first touch is that crap.”

8) Bestie on Beckham
George Best didn't think too much of former pants salesman David Beckham. “He cannot kick with his left foot, he cannot head a ball, he cannot tackle and he doesn't score many goals. Apart from that he’s alright.”
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7) Big Ron's considered analysis
Big Ron Atkinson was once a respected, if slightly bling-obsessed manager. But he proved he could mix it with the best of them with amusing insults with this gem. "I never comment on referees and I'm not about to change the habit of a lifetime for that prat," he said.

6) The Water Boy
Players like Eric Cantona spend every week embarrassing other footballers on the pitch which their sublime level of skill, but for the French collar-turner-upper this wasn't enough, and he turned to humiliating his own French teammate Didier Deschamps off it by calling him "the water carrier."

5) Cheating bastards!
Brian Clough was a shrinking violet really, in the same way a nuclear explosion is. Always forward in coming forward, Cloughie couldn't hide his anger after he felt his Derby side had been knocked out of the European Cup unfairly by Juventus, who he believed were guilty of influencing the referee. But rather than come up with a cleverly crafted, Oscar Wilde-esque quip, Clough simply branded them "cheating bastards" and questioned Italian courage during the Second World War.
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4) Clowning around
More often than not Clough had the last word, but not this time. With England needing to beat Poland to qualify for the 1974 World Cup, Old Big 'Ead called the Polish goalkeeper Jan Tomaszewski "a clown." Tomaszewski had the game of his life to hold England to a draw.

3) Megson v Roberts
There's no love lost between Gary Megson and Jason Roberts after the pair fell out whilst at West Brom. After Roberts had a few jibes in the press at the Ginger Mourinho, Megson responded with one of the best put-downs we've heard in a long while. “You are talking about a man who spelt his name wrongly on his transfer request,” said Gary.

2) The Doc gives it straight
Tommy Docherty was asked to give his opinion on Rangers’ Italian import Lorenzo Amoruso back in 2000. “Somebody compared him to Billy McNeil," he said, "but I don’t remember Billy being crap.”

1) Stick it up your b****cks
Roy Keane isn't a man to mince his words as Darren Fletcher, Liam Miller and Co discovered a few years back when the Irish snarler was still at Manchester United. But Roy didn't save his vitriolic outbursts just for club football, and is alleged to have launched a foul-mouthed attack on Ireland boss Mick McCarthy at the 2002 World Cup. “You were a crap player, you are a crap manager. The only reason I have any dealings with you is that somehow you are manager of my country and you’re not even Irish, you English ****. You can stick it up your b****cks.” Say what you like about him, but that is world class swearing.

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