Big Question: After Southampton FC v Kings of Leon, what songs should teams run out to?

Football Banter 00:43 05/03/09

Was strangely tickled this week by the report that Southampton's recent upturn in fortunes in the Championship was down to their decision to adopt ... Read more+

Jose Mourinho's is Ryan Giggs. But who is your all time Premier League star?

Football Banter 22:00 28/02/09

It provoked a storm of debate among top managers, coaches and players so we're now asking you for your views. Is Jose Mourinho right? Is Ryan Giggs... Read more+

David Beckham 108 caps: Are you bovvered?

Football Banter 00:01 13/02/09

David Beckham getting 108 caps and matching Bobby Moore's record for an England outfield player feels like something I should be bothered about - bu... Read more+

Which footballer's blog would you most like to ghost write?

Apparently footballers don't just need ghostwriters for their autobiographies. Never mind help writing their columns, there is also a market out the... Read more+

If Scolari, Grant and Mourinho aren't good enough, maybe Chelsea should try magician Paul Daniels

So let's get this straight. First Roman Abramovich fires the man who turned Chelsea into a winning machine and his replacement has all the charisma ... Read more+

January transfer window: love it or hate it?

The red tape row over Andrey Arshavin's Arsenal switch is all a bit of a nonsense. After it had all 'gone through' before the deadline, can you ima... Read more+

Top 10 transfers of the January transfer window

Dan has just posted posted his Top 10 transfers of the January transfer window up on the main site. It's his list, so he can do what he likes, but ... Read more+

What will Joe Kinnear call new Newcastle signing Kevin Nolan?

Kevin Bolan? Roland Nolan? 'Son of Marc' Rolan Bolan? On a more serious note: is this a good move for the Bolton skipper? Barely a couple of seaso... Read more+

Are Manchester United the most entertaining champions ever?

My estemmed colleague John Cross has just filed his weekly rant/column, in which he argues that Man United are no longer the team everyone loves to ... Read more+

What songs should teams play when individual players score?

Personally, I think the playing of music over the PA following a goal is right up there with all-seater stadiums and Arsenal fans (joke!) on the lis... Read more+

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