Watch J-League star score an amazing David Beckham-esque 70-yard goal (Video)

Football Banter 17:29 07/08/09

David Beckham's stock famously soared after his famous half-way line goal at Wimbledon, and J-League star Kazumasa Uesato will hoping for a similar re... Read more+

New Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti reveals film star past (Video)

Football Banter 11:06 03/06/09

New Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti is clearly a man able to turn his hand to anything. After the jump you'll find clips of him scoring a scorcher whi... Read more+

Watch Brazilian ace Nilmar score one of the best goals you will ever see (Video)

Football Banter 13:33 13/05/09

Our blog servers have been down and out for the past few days but, just like plucky Newcastle United, they've spectacular risen from the dead once m... Read more+

Watch Jose Mourinho score a Special goal (Video)

The Special One's talents clearly extend to the other side of the white line, if the silky skills exhibited in this video are anything to go by, The... Read more+

Watch a defender score an astonishing 46 yard goal... with a slide tackle (Video)

The Budesliga's bottom club Karlsruher secured a much needed win against Bayer Leverkusen last weekend thanks to Sebastian Langkamp's freakish and ... Read more+

Watch Alan Shearer score a cracker for Newcastle... (Video)

Well, kind of. The camerarman filming yesterday's open trianing session at St James' Park missed the shot but managed to catch the net billowing. I... Read more+

Watch an astonishing free kick scored from the half way line (Video)

Proof that even anarchists like funny football videos, Football Banter's journey into the heart of capitalism that is Canary Wharf this morning was ... Read more+

Watch Inter Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic score an amazing free kick (Video)

Manchester United fans take note: Inter Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic isn't rubbish all the time... Here he is scoring an immaculate - perhaps ev... Read more+

Watch an astonishing 80 yard direct free kick goal (Video)

Who says Americans can't play soccer? OK, so the State Championship game that it was scored in might not be as prestigious as the FA Cup, but this g... Read more+

Watch the best goal you will surely see scored this season (Video)

No, not Jack Collison's cracker against Man City yesterday - although that would run it close - but rather this stunning volley from the weekend's S... Read more+

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