Portsmouth's extra help... from Mr X

Portsmouth are in debt to a mystery benefactor - who has lent the club £14million - with big questions being raised over the identity of Mister X.

The surprise line is to be found in the club's recently published accounts which show that relegation-threatened Pompey are around £114m in the red.

Apart from loans with Barclays Bank and Standard Bank of South Africa, who want their £25m back soon, there is also a huge eight-figure sum from a source simply called 'other.'

Owner Sacha Gaydamak has always maintained that he financed the club's takeover on his own despite allegations that his wealthy and controversial father Arcady was behind him.

The mystery shrouding the 'loan' backer will only spark new speculation on the subject.

Of course it could also be coincidence that Sacha started looking to get out of the club around the time his father began shedding companies back home in Israel.

One other gem in the accounts is the revelation that one of Pompey's directors picked up a stunning salary - including bonuses - of close to £2m in the last financial year.

That figure was left off the official statement on the club's website...

Predator is not really shocked about that piece of editing.

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