Ryanair's generosity is just Champion for Manchester United fans

Football Banter 18:27 29/03/09

Well done to the big-hearted folk at Ryanair, who have announced a special £199 service between Liverpool and Porto for Manchester United supporters... Read more+

The tooth hurts for Spurs' dentist

Football Banter 13:52 08/03/09

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp may not have been upset about going out of the UEFA Cup but the club dentist must be. Tottenham's tooth expert is a regula... Read more+

Why Liverpool fans on Ryanair flight from Madrid couldn't believe their ears

Football Banter 13:10 01/03/09

Liverpool fans were in euphoric mood as they returned from Madrid last week. And the supporters on board a Ryanair flight could not believe their ea... Read more+

James Corden and David Bentley provide Comic Relief on Seville trip

Seville is supposed to be the land of the oranges. But last night, when having a nice tapas meal, and ordering non-alcoholic drinks, imagine my sur... Read more+

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