Could it be comeback time for Barnsley's Wild West Beaver look?

Owen Archdeacon of Barnsley sports one of the most bizarre football shirts ever seen on this ProSet card from 1990. Produced by ‘Beaver’ the kit is adorned with randomly spaced and sized stars, lending the one-time Celtic wonderkid the appearance of a comedy Wild West cowboy.

By the time a very young Gerry Taggart had arrived at Oakwell, things had calmed down a bit, and Beaver have kitted the Tykes out in a more traditional look. More's the pity.

The man behind Beaver Sports, Paul Trevillion, has a long association with football.

He used to draw the ‘Roy of the Rovers’ comic strip in the 1960s, and he invented Leeds United’s sock tags; but will perhaps be best remembered for his ‘You are the Ref’ strip in Shoot!

A bit of a hero, if truth be told. Just don't let him draw you a new shirt.


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