Easy! Easy! (EASY!) as Spurs headed for double figures

The uninitiated might think that football fans, having paid their hard-earned to see a game, would like to see a fine contest between two evenly matched teams. They would be wrong.

What lives longest in the memory is when your team hands out a damned good thrashing to their bewildered opponents. We’re not talking about a satisfying 4-1 victory here, we’re talking total humiliation. Try 7-0 at least. Or 8. Or 9.

On 22 October 1977, Bristol Rovers went to White Hart Lane and got smashed 9-0 by Tottenham. The teleprinter on Grandstand announced it thus: TOTTENHAM 9 (NINE) BRISTOL ROVERS 0.

The teleprinter having to spell out your opponent’s score in brackets because it is unbelievably high… perhaps the ultimate humiliation.


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