First ever pics of Toon's new hi-rise megabowl...

St. James' Park hasn’t always been the towering Cathedral to Geordie ambition that we know today. In the mid-seventies it was an abandoned building site up one end, the big open Gallowgate terrace at the other and a couple of fairly modest-sized stands... but surely it wasn’t bad enough to be airbrushed from view?

In the 1975-76 'FKS Soccer Stars' sticker album the Newcastle players had their backgrounds removed and these sweeping, multi-layered stands from some anonymous Spanish stadium substituted. 

Left to right: Tommy Gibb backed by Costa del Sol hi-rises and sun baked terraces. Hang on… that ain’t Newcastle!

Alan Kennedy badly cut out and plonked in front of an impressive triple decker and giant scoreboard.

Glen Keeley, hovering above a 60,000 seater megabowl.

Next season – ‘Newcastle in Space’…

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