No More Heroes: Jimmy Hill (Slight Return)

Football treasure unearthed by Derek Hammond & Gary Silke...

We’ve already had a disbelieving response to our first paean to the great Jimmy Hill, but we stand by every word. It’s true: Jimmy invented just about everything in the modern game. Here’s proof of his first-ever big-screen beamback.

Hill’s legacy still dominates all of football, though nowhere more so than Cov, where even today, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, it's still possible to hear fans sing 'The Sky Blue Song' personally adapted from 'The Eton Boating Song' by the multli-talented man himself.

Lets all sing together
Play up Sky Blues
While we sing together we will never lose
Proud Posh or Cobblers
Oysters or anyone
They can't defeat us
We'll fight 'til the game is won

At the all-new Ricoh Arena, the words may have been changed slightly to register an aimless hatred of 'Tottenham or Chelsea, United or anyone' rather than Peterborough, Northampton and Colchester, but the fans' famous rustling accompaniment on free crisp bags, free Bovril cups and Sky Blue Bird pages remains a heartwarming historic constant.


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