Dodgy parents! Team-mate affairs! Public urination! The Top 10 John Terry scandals

Poor old John Terry is in hot water again following allegations that he racially abused QPR defender Anton Ferdinand.

As the investigation into that particular scandal gets underway , here's 10 other moments that the Chelsea and England star might want to forget...

1) If you see the car rocking, don't come knocking
In November 2005 Terry was accused of cheating on then-fiancee Toni Poole in a public car park.

Jenny Barker, 17, said the star sent her sexy texts after she asked for his autograph and later canoodled with her in his Bentley.

She said: "He smiled and put on sexy Luther Vandross music from a selection on a huge screen in the car. One thing led to another but we did not have sex. I didn't want to give in to him like I can imagine every other girl does."

Terry was claimed to have cheated on Poole with nine different women - including one fling with former porn star Karina Clarke.

He said before they married in 2007:  "I really regret what I've done to Toni. I'm not going to cheat on her ever again."

2) The nagging doubts
In 2004 Terry and then best friend Wayne Bridge, together with Scott Parker, were reported to be gambling £40,000 a week between them on horse races.

Close pals Terry and Bridge were alleged to gave blown £13,000 in just three hours in a Surrey bookies. They later travelled to Las Vegas for Terry's stag night - which was held after his wedding to Poole.

3) The disabled parking bay
In March 2008 there was more car trouble for Terry as England's captain spurned a 50p-an-hour public car park yards away in favour of dumping his black Bentley in a spot for disabled drivers outside Pizza Express in Esher, Surrey.

The subsequent £60 fine was peanuts to a player reckoned then to be on £135,000 a week and who had therefore earned £1,600 in the time it took him to polish off his dough balls and American Hot.

4) The supermarket sweep
In March 2008 Terry's mother and mother-in-law were officially cautioned by police after being accused of shoplifting £800 worth of goods from Tesco.

The supermarket giants then launched a civil action against the pair.

The affair was a huge embarrassment for Terry as Tesco are official England sponsors.

5) The £10,000 guided tour
In December 2009 Terry was accused of taking £10,000 from undercover reporters in return for a private tour of Chelsea's training ground.

Terry told the pair he would give his share of the fee to charity but cautioned them: "If the club finds out, it's a little bit. . ."

6) The nightclub incident
In August 2002 Terry wept with relief after being cleared of attacking a nightclub doorman with a bottle.

He and then-team-mate Jody Morris walked free from court after a jury fought them not guilty of causing a fight at London celebrity haunt the Wellington Club.

The court heard rouble had flared when Morris was accused of spitting a drink on the floor and shouting obscenities at a member of staff.

The jury cleared Terry of affray, having an offensive weapon, wounding with intent and unlawful wounding.

7) The 9/11 party
With their flight to an away match at Levski Sofia grounded in the aftermath of the Terror attacks on New York and Washington in September 2001, Chelsea players found themselves at a loose end. Some went home to watch CNN, but Terry Eidur Gudjohnsen, Frank Lampard and Morris had other ideas.

After visiting a couple of pubs - where a "hammered" Gudjohnsen stripped off and threw peanuts at punters while Lampard and Morris urinated in a rubbish bin outside - the group went on to a local bowling alley where they hurled themselves down the lanes and saw former colleague Frank Sinclair, who by now had joined the party, almost decapitated by the pin-changing mechanism.

Finally they ended up in the bar of the Posthouse Hotel at Heathrow, where stranded travellers, many of them Americans, had gathered to watch events unfold on TV. Instead they were treated to the players throwing food around while pictures were shown of sobbing firemen searching through the rubble for the dead, before one player exposed himself to the appalled throng.

Chelsea FC subsequently fined the trio for their behaviour.

8) The 'dealing' dad
In November 2009 Terry's dad Ted was caught on camera appearing to sell cocaine in an Essex bar.

Terry Snr was seen arranging to pass three grams of drug to an undercover reporter in return for £120 and telling him: "This is just between me and you. Don't tell him that I'm John Terry's dad."

9) The wee bit of bother
In February 2002 Terry was fit to burst after visiting the Time and Envy nightclubs in Romford, Essex.

He told friends he needed the toilet but that an injured toe was bothering him - so whipped out his manhood, urinated into a beer glass and dropped it on the floor.

Security staff saw the incident on CCTV and escorted the player off the premises.

10) Peeing in his own backyard
Arguably John Terry's most celebrated faux pas to date has been his dalliance with then Chelsea team-mate Wayne Bridge's girlfriend Vanessa Perroncel. Not only did he do the dirty on his former pal, but he also made her pregnant. The affair almost cost JT his marriage - and led to a spate of internet jokes .

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