The art of the Mata: The 10 best Juan Mata goals, skills and tricks videos on the web

New Chelsea signing Juan Mata could well be the man to get Fernando Torres firing again.

Don't believe us? Well here's MirrorFootball's Steven Tur with Mata's most compelling video evidence...

1) Real Madrid defender Raul Albiol's mother obviously didn't tell him to shut his legs when he was younger. Mata totally embarrassed him in a recent training session for Spain - the other players look delighted and Albiol just looks plain shellshocked. Oh, and Mario Ballotelli take note: this is how you execute a skill.

2) Mata famously started out as a youngster at Real Madrid, and Los Merengues must still rue the day they let him slip through their finges. Mata wasn't deemed good enough for the club - although he sure looks alright on this video.

3) Mata already has form for scoring for against Barcelona - which could prove handy come the inevitable Champions League meeting next season:

4) Liverpool's interest in Mata dissipated following their capture of Stewart Downing. The England man's a decent crosser of the ball, of course, but is he THIS good?  

5) Not even linesmen can stop Mata: Here, the official doesn't know whether to flag for offside or not but eventually settles on allowing Juan to work his magic in the box:

6) Nowadays it would probably cost you in the region of £60million to team up Mata with David Silva, so Valencia fans should count themselves lucky they've already seen the two in tandem. This clip is notable not just for featuring their combined talents, bit also to prove that Mata can score with his head as well as his left foot..

7) This goal is great not just for Mata's finish but also the speed of thought to catch the keeper unawares. Brilliant.

8) This goal - against Hercules - is both cute and acute. Check it out:

9) Mata's not only good in the real world, he's also pretty decent in digital ones too. Here he is scoring a pearler in off the post on PES 2011:

10) And now the motherlode: a bumper compilation of Mata's goals and assists from last season. Go on, indulge yourself...

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