"You can't bite your nose off to spite your face': The week's daftest football quotes


"You can't bite your nose off to spite your face" - PAUL MERSON

"Not to win is guttering" - MARK NOBLE

"Rolando's been given a second yellow for arguing with the life support.... er, the linesman" – CHRIS WADDLE

"They're not that very good, Napoli" - PAUL MERSON

 “That’s put a strain on his left-hand knee” – JOHN SCALES

"However people have interpretated that is up to them" - EDDIE MITCHELL

“For us to overtake them has been a massive undertaking” – SAM ALLARDYCE

"He's a good footballer, as in technical-wise” – TONY CASCARINO


Congratulations to the enterprising salesman outside Carrow Road who yesterday was offering 'half-and-half scarves' that turned out to be just the Canaries' normal green and yellow affair. He explained to puzzled onlookers that they were "half Norwich City, half FC United".



Which cash-strapped Championship club are trying to attract a new director by offering him a cut from any player sales they make?

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