We should have sacked Capello two years ago

United v Liverpool has always been spiky... but it used to be about football too

Why Moyes is the right man for Spurs  

Let's be honest. To most England fans, it felt like the big lump who shares your bed, who you'd been trying to dump for years, had made the decision for you.

There was little love lost between England and Fabio Capello because there was little love to lose.

It was a marriage of convenience. He got £6million-a-year for a part-time job,

England swapped the Wally With The Brolly for one of the biggest names in the game.

But it should have ended in divorce in 2010.

Some men aren't right for certain jobs.

Brian Clough bossing Leeds, Roy Hodgson in charge of Liverpool, Ed Miliband running Labour.

Capello falls into that category.

He never really got England, because he didn't feel he had to.

His failure to grasp the reasons behind John Terry losing the country's captaincy proves he wasn't really paying attention. Until it was too late.

A word of caution, though, to those who believe they've just seen a European Championship pot at the end of this week's rainbow.

The major criticism of Capello was that his English was worse than a four-year-old's.

It looks like we're swapping him for someone who writes English like a two-year-old.

If you know wha' I mean 'Arry.


Fabio Capello is reportedly being paid £1.5million by the FA not to become a TV pundit during this summer's Euros.

Now we know the price, who fancies organising a whip-round to kick David Pleat, Garth Crooks and Alan Shearer off the box?


ITV'S FA Cup Scourge (part 235).

Hot on the heels of clearing the midweek schedules to show the Wolves v Birmingham snooze-a-thon (at the same time Sky were showing El Clasico) they welcomed the nation's football fans to Middlesbrough v Sunderland on Wednesday night... just as the Capello story was breaking.

Cue a nation switching to the likes of Sky Sports, Five Live, talkSPORT and this here website to catch the story .

Meanwhile, ITV's pundits Roy Keane and Gareth Southgate clearly had their minds elsewhere, and host Adrian Chiles had to keep reminding viewers that a major story had broken which overshadowed events at the Riverside.

Worse still, it went into extra-time, meaning ITV couldn't get at the story until three hours after it broke.

An even greater shame was that it was a really good cup tie. But no-one outside of the north-east had their mind on it.

Still, I'm sure they'll get it right next weekend, when they show that mouth-watering tie between Stevenage and Tottenham, which will be over in roughly five minutes.

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