Why England must sack Capello and appoint Redknapp NOW

In an ideal world I'd move heaven and earth to keep him at White Hart Lane - and I'm not even a Tottenham fan.

But the most logical chain of events must surely now be for Harry Redknapp to go to England and do for the country what Kenny Dalglish has done for Liverpool - bring back some unity.

As someone who has covered his career at West Ham, Portsmouth and Spurs, I can say first hand just how much Redknapp's teams have improved after benefiting from his outstanding man-management skills.

England need Harry more than ever with Fabio Capello plunging the role and the nation into crisis after unpalatable crisis.

Capello is a man working his notice. A man who will be on a beach in the summer and a man who will not give a rat's bath about the problems surrounding THAT court case and its implications on July 9.

Capello's intransigence over the John Terry situation is concerning the FA, dividing the dressing room, worrying the sponsors and ensuring that the issue will dominate the build up to this month's friendly against Holland and the run-up to the European Championships.

Bring Harry in now and all that changes.

Redknapp understands the meaning of the role of England manager.

You could never imagine him giving his first thoughts on such an incendiary subject as Terry to the state broadcaster of another country.

Yet that is what Capello did on Sunday night. Taking his employers and the nation by surprise and showing absolutely no remorse for it.

So the solution is simple. The FA should pay off Capello now and remove Terry from the England situation.

That way they soak up the flak themselves - they are used to it by now - rather than see Harry blamed by the players for such an potentially divisive move.

They would then ask Harry if he wants the job on the basis that he will be working without Terry. However disappointing that would be for him - as Terry remains an outstanding footballer - the answer will almost certainly be yes.

For Harry the England position has been the pinnacle for as long as he can remember.

He wants it. He has told us. He has been honest and open about it.

So forget the £6million we are paying Capello to take us down blind alleys and towards false dawns.

Harry would do the job - a better job - for far less because it means far more. And when it comes to creating a united dressing room, all focused on a single goal he is right up there with the very best.

Capello has an outstanding record in club football. Way superior to Redknapp's. But at international level he has been found wanting.

You could argue that he has brought through a clutch of rising stars with which to go into battle at this summer's European Championships.

But the hard work with all of those players has been done by their club managers. Sir Alex with Danny Welbeck, Arsene Wenger with Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott.

Roberto Mancini in opting for Joe Hart over Shay Given in goal and keeping faith with Micah Richards when he has been disgracefully overlooked by Capello.

Even much-maligned Andre Villas Boas has shown his faith in Daniel Sturridge repaid with performances to shoot the striker into the England reckoning.

So what IS Capello giving us for that six million pounds that Harry couldn't give us?

Get him in now. It is not jingoistic nonsense, it is a logical conclusion to two sorry episodes that have collided to work perfectly in the FA's favour.

Get him in now to stop the lurid headlines - front and back - that pit Capello against the people that pay his wages and show no sign whatsoever of stopping.

Get him in now so that he can share with the nation what he has shared with the likes of myself and many other reporters time and again at his weekly Tottenham press conferences.

That being England captain comes with a kudos, a responsibility, a way of conducting yourself that makes youngsters want to aspire to the role.

Get him now in to talk about his experiences with the most successful England captain of all, Bobby Moore.

To talk about the way in which he himself goes to other top England players to ask their views on whether to bring certain stars to White Hart Lane.

Contrast that with the way arrogant Capello refused to take any tactical input from the many highly-decorated stars around him at the World Cup in South Africa.

Players respect Redknapp. They want to play for him. They would run through brick walls for him at White Hart Lane because he makes them feel special and they can see the way he has lifted both their and the club's profile.

So get Harry in now to get players wanting to play for their country again rather than crying off because they are fed up of being faffed around by the current England coach who just does not respect them.

It may well be hard on Spurs who are locked into a title race in which they are more than holding their own.

But Redknapp has brought so much kudos to that particular job that the likes of former Double-winning Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti had expressed an interest in it long before PSG snapped him up last month.

Tottenham would not struggle for a top-line replacement. Chairman Daniel Levy and his board would probably have been doing their homework long before now anyway to cover every eventuality.

They probably have the man they want up their sleeve already.

So surely the answer is simple to the vexed questions facing us over the last few days.

Whatever you may say about the financial situation at Fratton Park, Redknapp went into Portsmouth, saved them from relegation then took the south coast side to FA Cup glory and into Europe.

Redknapp then went into Spurs, lifted them off the bottom of the League and took then into the Champions League.

There are parallels again with the north London and England as Tottenham too had been managed by a much-vaunted foreign coach who was taking the club nowhere before Harry's arrival.

Juande Ramos had tried to blind the players with science and anyone who questioned his methods was pointed to his UEFA Cups and the fact that he had taken Sevilla into the Champions League.

After winning the Carling Cup, however, Ramos was unable to stop the club plummeting down the League and - with Tottenham at rock bottom the next season - Levy acted.

Harry came in, kept it simple, and transformed a team of talented but disillusioned players into side that shocked many when they broke into the top four the following year.

Kenny Dalglish was able to lock into the mentality of the Liverpool faithful when he arrived at Anfield following years of wrangling and in-fighting between Rafa Benitez, Hicks and Gilette with Roy Hodgson simply unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Redknapp is the man in the right place at the right time to restore sanity and respectability to the biggest job in English football.

After leading Spurs into the top four he built further at White Hart Lane, taking the north Londoners into the title race and made them one of the toughest, most durable outfits in the country.

On many occasions I have been in press conferences and asked him what the secret to his success has been.

"Good players" has always been the answer. And that may well be the case.

But Capello has good players at his disposal with England. What he doesn't have is the awareness, the charisma and the man-management skills that Redknapp has.

The England national team has never been in such disarray as it is now. The solution is staring us all in the face.

The FA should beg, borrow, steal if they have to in order to pay off Capello and draw a line under his sorry tenure.

Because speaking outside the court-house yesterday Redknapp said that the last few years have been a "nightmare".

But believe me Harry, we all know how you feel.


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