Liverpool fans need to demonstrate the Spirit of Shankly to show potential owners how great the club is

"Wars teach us not to love our enemies, but to hate our allies." - W. L. George.

There is a civil war going on at Anfield at the moment, which has caused fan to fight against fan.

Take a look at some of the posts after this column if you don’t believe me, or look at the excellent Liverpool fans’ website ‘The Liverpool Way’, where you will see raging arguments between people who hold one thing in common: they love the club.

They say that truth is the first casualty of war, and that is certainly the case in the bickering and infighting that is going on at Anfield right now, as the fans try to outdo each other over their stated preferences.

Every single ‘truth’ is twisted to meet the individual arguments of the opponents, and the tragedy is that the common sense of purpose that should bind the fans together - against the wicked act that is being carried out on their club - is lost.

Last week, in this column, I wrote about the need – the desperate need – for Liverpool Football Club to be sold, to stop this famous, mighty, historic club falling into a fatal state of disrepair.

Why Liverpool fans must hold their noses and bite their tongues if they want rid of Hicks and Gillett 

With depressing predictability, those words were twisted and misinterpreted to fit the perceptions of different people.

Some even suggested that I was arguing for an end to the protests aimed at highlighting the state of Anfield finances, and maintaining the pressure on the American owners to leave. Utter nonsense.

The last thing Liverpool fans should be doing right now is letting the Americans off the hook. Click on the link above to my column of last week to find out why Liverpool can never move forward under the financial restraints of their ownership.

They need new owners to get out of this dire mess, and the fans should protest as loud as possible to ensure that Tom Hicks and George Gillett know that, to ensure that there is no chance they will ever stay.

But what I did say, was that it would be a disaster – perhaps terminal – if they do stay, and so Liverpool fans MUST ensure they do nothing to extend what has already been one of the most disgusting ownerships in football’s murky history.

The Americans have backing from the banks – potentially – for another three years, and if they stay for that long, then there will be little left of the club as we know, given the current rate of growth of debts, year on year.

What is needed now is for everyone to come together, the fans and everyone at the club, to ensure that the Americans can’t extend their tenure any longer.

Protests are required to remind Hicks and Gillett that they will never now be welcome at Anfield, and they should get out as soon as possible. But at the same time, steps must be taken to ensure that the infighting which makes Liverpool look such an unattractive buy has to stop.

It is essential Liverpool find new owners, and the money required to even keep Liverpool afloat now, never mind take them forward, is so high that there are only very few people in the world rich enough to do it. The danger is that all the fighting will reduce that small number even further.

The tragedy is that just about every single fan now realises the mess Liverpool are in, having to pay interest on debts incurred when the owners bought the club. In essence, the interest is paying for their ownership.

It is crippling the club, it is stopping the new stadium – the key to future health and expansion – being built, and yet the fans, the club officials and the management can’t stop fighting each other long enough to stand all together against it.

There has been a campaign for some time by a group of fans, who call themselves the Spirit of Shankly, who have fought hard against the damage being done to Liverpool Football Club by the American owners, often alone.

The tragedy is that they represent only a tiny minority of all Liverpool fans. And yet when you look at their message on their website, all fans should be subscribing to their particular view on the ownership issue.

All fans should be uniting together with the Spirit of Shankly, with the spirit of Liverpool’s great history, to ensure not just that the Americans go, but also that the new owners realise just what a great, great club Liverpool truly is.

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