Suarez's diving is wrecking his reputation

Luis Suarez is a wonderful player for Liverpool.

The biggest hope must be that he doesn't become a player with a reputation that makes people say: great talent, but...

Suarez categorically denies allegations of racism put foSuraarward by Patrice Evra. That would be completely unforgivable.

But while that rumbles on, Suarez has also been defended by his manager, Kenny Dalglish, against accusations of being a diver.

But the truth is he has got a reputation for going down too easily. Refs notice it, officials notice it and the fans are looking out for it.

Of course if you are touched then, as a striker, you can go down. But something similar happened with Didier Drogba.

Drogba was a wonderful player and has gone on to be an all-time great in the Premier League. But it took a few players from his own team, Chelsea, to just have a word and tell him to stop diving.

Maybe someone like Jamie Carragher or Steven Gerrard needs to do the same with Suarez. He is such a brilliant player that it would be fabulous to focus on him purely for what he does on the pitch.

Interview by John Cross


Mick McCarthy faces a huge game against Swansea this weekend.

Wolves made a good start, stumbled and are now on a losing streak which has put McCarthy's future on the line.

Wolves owner Steve Morgan is a successful businessman, knows what it takes to get results and, with the club rebuilding the stadium, doesn't want a lovely bigger ground stuck in the Championship.

McCarthy knows he must turn it round. And the fact that they are up against a newly promoted side only turns up the pressure.

They are expected to win, they must improve and anything else could leave McCarthy waiting nervously to see if he gets a phone call.

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