Why Landon Donovan isn't fit to lace David Beckham's boots, and how World Cup draw was great for touts

We’re going to have to get used to Landon Donovan, US Player of the Year.

He’s an interview waiting to happen, and can’t quite disguise his jealousy of LA Galaxy team-mate David Beckham.

No wonder. Goldenballs is football royalty.

Donovan, who has twice failed to make it in Europe, is a symbol of the weakness of American soccer.


FIFA president Sepp Blatter thinks nothing of using Robben Island as a personal PR prop.

So don’t expect him to care that the biggest winners from the draw will be the ticket touts.

England playing in small stadia will be a boon for those all-too-familiar parasites who will buy cheap from locals and sell high to tourists.

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