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Chelsea did the impossible on Wednesday night.

Not knocking out Napoli in a Champions League thriller - that was just improbable - but uniting the country behind them for once.

For probably the first time in the Roman Abramovich era, you could feel the whole nation willing the Bridge billionaires to win a game.

We've heard a lot about War Horses recently and Chelsea's three - John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba - played starring roles. I have been telling you all season that Lampard still has so much to offer and he was outstanding yet again.

The whole of England might have been cheering them on, but I wonder if Andre Villas-Boas was watching.

If I were him I wouldn't look at that performance and think I'd got it all wrong. I would see it and feel let down.

Let down that players were throwing themselves into tackles they wouldn't have made a couple of weeks ago.

Roberto Di Matteo can probably be excused by the heat of the moment but Villas-Boas might have raised an eyebrow at his wild celebrations with the players. As AVB's assistant, he'd been let down by them too.

And I'm sure he was as amazed as me see Terry, after coming off in extra time, standing on the touchline next to Di Matteo and reorganising the midfield and defence as players went down with the cramp.

Can you imagine that happening at Manchester United or Arsenal - one of the players doing the manager's job for him?

Me neither.

If there was any evidence needed that senior player power runs Chelsea, there it was.

And it makes me wonder whether Abramovich might even go the whole hog and appoint Terry as manager this summer.

When you look at the Stamford Bridge banners reading 'Captain, Leader, Legend' you have to say it is inevitable he will boss the Blues at some point, just as it became inevitable that Alan Shearer would one day manage Newcastle.

Terry is a natural leader but Shearer's shadow loomed large over Sam Allardyce before he got his chance and I hope the same thing does not inhibit whoever comes in at Stamford Bridge.

It surely can't be Terry yet.

After the way he played so brilliantly against Napoli, he has at least one or two more seasons left in him and being a player/boss is not an option in the Premier League.

It surely can't be Di Matteo either. It's not long since he was sacked by West Brom, so he's surely not qualified to lead an assault on the Premier title and the Champions League.

The job AVB started still has to be completed.

The older players who have served Chelsea so brilliantly do have to be gradually eased out and younger ones, like the outstanding Ramires, encouraged to become the new leaders.

I would love to see David Moyes or Paul Lambert take it on - but could they ever succeed while Terry's shadow gets larger and larger?

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