To make the Premier League the best get Leeds and Newcastle back, get rid of small clubs and scrap relegation and promotion

The Premier League is considered by many to be the best league in the world but I think drastic reform is needed to keep it at the pinnacle.

With the UK’s punitive taxes, we are already starting to see many of the English top-flight’s best talent draining away to the continent.

Just this summer the likes of Ronaldo and Xabi Alonso quit for the La Liga in Spain, where they will earn considerably more money after tax.

And I would actually like to see the Premier League comprised solely of the 20-25 clubs who have been the biggest and most successful sides in modern history.

I think those teams should form the top-flight whether that be Leeds United in the third tier or Newcastle United in the second tier.

And there would be no promotion or relegation which would allow those teams to grow.

Then you would guarantee some of the world’s best derbies, like Sunderland v Newcastle, happening each season as well as other huge games like Leeds against Man United.

It would make a pleasant change from watching some of the smaller clubs in the Premier League in recent times like Reading, Wigan and Bolton.

Fans around the world want to see the huge games - not clashes involving clubs like Barnsley, Watford or Hull.

So I think it really is time that those clubs who have contributed the most over the last 100 years be the flag-bearers for a new Premier League with no promotion or relegation.

That would allow teams to attack without fear because no-one will be relegated.

And it will crucially enable the Premier League to go on to the next level if we are to compete with La Liga and Serie A in Italy.

The Football League would still function if you are a Wigan or a Notts County or a smaller club.

These sides would do what they have done for most of their existence which is play in a league where you have a better chance of winning something.

My main grievance is the reason why the likes of Wigan, Hull and Reading have got into the Premier League.

For the most part it is due to wealthy benefactors who have bought into them because they are cheap investments.

The likes of Reading and Hull are in a big catchment area with potential for the growth and benefactors know if they put in modest sums they could get them within touching distance of the Premier League and turn a huge profit in the value of the club.

So this isn’t a romantic story about clubs developing from within with a view to trying to go and win an FA Cup or title.

This is pure chance taking by people who have seen clubs as a method to get enhance their ego and earnings.

There is little precedent in other sports for the system of meritocracy if you look at the NFL.

They get billions in TV revenue and I think broadcasters would pay even more for the Premier League rights if they knew the biggest clubs and the marquee names would be involved.

There would derbies galore and repeats of famous historical clashes galore.

Most people with the of greatest respect do not tune in to watch Wigan against Hull - they tune in to watch Liverpool versus Chelsea.

So I think we should forget the 39th game and just have the top 25 clubs in the country playing 50 games.

I am salivating dreaming at the thought of it.

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